How To Never Miss A Lead With Three Features Of Small Business Phone Systems

To stay on top of the competition in a tough economy, chief executive officers authorize large amounts of money to be spent on generating leads. From paying high quality employees to find these potential customers to services that help with making sales, company owners don’t scrimp when it comes to getting new clients. However, many organizations actually send future clients to their competitors without even realizing it. When someone calls a company and never gets to talk to anyone or keeps getting the run around from people who don’t know the right person to transfer the call to, they hang up and call the competition. Not even answering calls is another huge money waster. Companies must consider a business VOIP provider that offers voice to text, “Contact Us Plus” widgets and find me/follow me features in order to gain new clients and make those sales.

Voice Mail To Text Saves Valuable Time

Staff members work very hard to answer calls and deal with customers’ concerns in a timely manner, but some small business phone systems make this impossible to do so. Without the voice mail to text feature, employees can spend hours listening to voice mail messages and trying to jot down the important info and contact numbers. Sometimes a person has to replay a message several times before getting everything they need on paper. Managers who accidentally write down the wrong name from a voice mail message can lose a sale. A business VOIP provider that includes voice mail to text options will allow users to read a written transcription of their voice mail, making sure they get all of the data they need at one time.

Never Miss An Important Call With A Business VOIP Provider

With find me follow me features that are incorporated into some small business phone systems, individuals can be sure to never miss that one call that leads to the highest sale of the year. These options allow users to directly transfer incoming calls to other local or long-distance numbers, whether landline or mobile. Executives who have to work late at night and take calls from customers in other time zones appreciate this opportunity to do so from home just by entering their home number into the account. The system automatically transfers the calls from the office to the home number if the user has turned on the find me/follow me feature. More than one number can be put into the system, allowing calls to reach a cell and home or other location. Traveling employees can rest easy with these options, knowing a call will never go unanswered. This benefit also prevents a company from needing to hire one or several staff members to constantly answer phones and take messages for staff who are away from the office. Large corporations can even utilize find me follow me by not forcing a receptionist to hunt down an employee when someone is calling. Instead they can turn on the find me option to allow that person’s calls to go directly to their cell.

“Contact Us Plus” Widget Keeps Customers Connected

In today’s world where so many transactions take place through the Internet, widgets are becoming more and more popular. Small business phone systems that offer a “Contact Us Plus” widget allows companies to gain more leads just from people browsing the web. This benefit is a copy-and-paste web widget, letting customers and potential clients to click-to-call the right person at a company. Online public relations can greatly increase through this one application. In addition, this tool ups brand awareness without much hassle, cost or effort. Many companies have reported that this type of application has improved audience experience and provided interactive and engaging content that raises search engine optimization.

A business VOIP provider with a “Contact Us Plus” widget gives employees the opportunity to assign three user specific items to the widget. Twitter, LinkedIn and Gravatar can be utilized through this option. Customers can automatically link to a company’s Tweet stream when they click on the “Contact Us Plus” widget. Also through this feature, a person can view an organization’s LinkedIn public profile or see a profile picture.

By choosing small business phone systems that come with the three features mentioned above, companies can always stay on top of their game and never miss out on that one lead that could make their organization very successful.

Creating Wealth With Small Business Ideas

Entrepreneurs are exceptionally good at a few things, and one of those is creating wealth. They understand the basics of what wealth really is, and what it is not, and they understand that to create wealth today they must be masters at developing small business ideas.

What Wealth Really Is

An important aspect of creating wealth is understanding wealth. Now most people think they know what wealth is, but if you ask them to define it, they usually come up with an answer such as “money” or “possessions”. These kinds of answers to the wealth question clearly show they do not understand it.

So, what is wealth?

Wealth is value. Dollars and cars and houses and oil reserves are evidences or tokens of that value, but they are not the value. This difference is a key element of understanding wealth, and understanding the difference helps one to view it properly. There exists a limitless supply of wealth in the world. Literally limitless. And this is because more can always be, and always is, created.

Many people think of wealth as being a large pie from which all people or societies or businesses can take a slice; some bigger, some smaller. This picture seems to make sense, but it is very inaccurate. If this were true, then the more people that existed would necessarily make the available slices (or size of each slice) smaller. But if you look closely, you will see that is simply not the case. Wealth is created, produced, and disseminated by people to people, but there is always more to be made, more to be given, and more to be taken.

For an example, consider a company which employs a group of people on a project and there has been $1000 allotted to it. When the project is done, the manager is paid a $1000. He has nine people who work under him. Each of those nine have done some work to generate the $1000 which came from the company they all work for. If the manager gives each one an equal share of the money, and includes himself in the pay out, each will get $100. Simple enough.

But what if there were only four people working under the manager? If he divides the money equally to himself and four others, each will get $200. In this scenario, the people working did the same work but received twice the money. This is an example of people sharing parts of a pie, which in this case happens to be $1000.

But we can’t stop there, because it must be understood the $1000 was not the wealth created, but the token of the wealth shared by the company to the workers. The company could have allotted $2000 for the project, or $4000, or any amount they chose. And the manager could have hired nine people or four or even twenty four. These are arbitrary decisions made by the company and manager but have no real effect on the value of the project… they are merely tokens of the value.

How Wealth is Created

The real wealth created here was the project itself: what was done, what was created, what was accomplished. The actual benefit produced is the real amount of wealth created. Perhaps a new public park was planned, or a new gate latch designed, or a new training manual written. The wealth was the project accomplished. The company may have paid a $1000 for it, but the real value of the project is unlimited.

A new park will likely generate fun and healthy exercise for years and years for thousands and thousands of people. How could anyone put a dollar amount on that?

The new gate latch may be the best design ever and start a whole new line of products which lead to employment for hundreds of people which leads to better livelihoods for thousands. How could anyone put a dollar amount on that?

The new training manual could lead to better work production or to new businesses being created which generate millions of dollars which in turn enrich the community and lead to jobs and…

Creating wealth has limitless effects, and there are no dollar amounts to define it. Understand this and you understand how to build wealth.

How You Can Create Wealth

Creating wealth has an almost inherent characteristic of newness. If you consider the most notable illustrations of wealth, you will notice they involve the promoting and acting on IDEAS. Yes, the idea concept is the most valuable commodity on planet earth. And this is precisely where the average man or woman has an opportunity to make something phenomenal, something powerful.

The unmatched impact of small business ideas.

Not everyone has outstanding athletic skill, or a house in the best neighborhood, or rich parents. But we all have one thing for sure: our minds. And we are given the gift to be able to control our own minds, and use our minds, for good purpose. No one can take that from us. So it behooves us to take every opportunity to build, strengthen, and use our minds, all of the time.

6 Ways To Get Quality Business Leads From Your Local Community

How can you continually find quality business sales leads and business appointments for your business when a large, international brand suddenly shows up in your locality? With so many large brands opening up everywhere, small local businesses might feel threatened for their market share, but they shouldn’t be. They can maximize on their existing assets and not only keep their existing clients or customers, but also generate more qualified b2b sales leads for their business. As a small, local business, here’s what you have to do to keep your and effectively increase your market share:

Promote the fact that you’ve been in business longer than your competitor. This means that you know your customers and clients better than the newcomer, and will be better able to provide for their needs and wants. Simply showing that you have been a delivering quality service for years shows how reliable you are to your clients and potential business leads. It’s also a good way of tapping into the emotional side of your market.

Actively market your products and services as well. When you hire professional telemarketers to market your products, make sure they promote your brand in their spiel, and nothing else. No backstabbing or naysaying quips that are sure to put off your b2b sales leads. Hiring a reliable telemarketing company will provide you with these well-trained, professional telemarketers and help you construct that perfect pitch for your local business.

To ensure successful b2b appointment setting campaigns, make sure your lead generation campaigns deliver already qualified leads. When you’re from the same community, asking around about people would let you know immediately if they can benefit from your products or not. Being outgoing is sure to result in quality b2b appointments.

Hire people from the local community. It’s not a secret that people like to support their own, and there are usually a lot of skilled people even in medium-sized cities. Also, this shows that you are helping your local community by providing jobs and improving the life of families. The more developed a community is, the opportunities there are for small businesses to grow because the jobs they create attract young people and families into settling in the community.

Give back to the community directly by supporting local causes. As a local yourself, you would be informed about the local government’s activities. Because you don’t have to go through corporate red tape to support local events, you can do so right away. Furthermore, as you’re a native, government officials and the local community will not hesitate to accept your support. Doing so will further endear your brand not only to your target business leads, but also to everyone else. When you decide to expand your business outside of your chosen niche, finding more qualified business leads won’t be as difficult anymore.

You won’t be able to fight the big guys all by yourself, so make sure that your employees are well compensated for their services. When your own people are happy, you can expect that your contented employees won’t hesitate to go the extra mile for your b2b leads. The result, of course, would be equally happy business sales leads. Additionally, you can look forward to a lot of qualified business leads for your business to business company when your employees are generously paid.

Internet Marketing for Small Business – The Vital Truth

As a small business owner it’s our natural tendency to approach everything with a hint of skepticism. There are so many ‘next big things’ that it’s oftentimes difficult to distinguish between a passing trend and a legitimate evergreen marketing strategy for a small business.

Skepticism or no, I’m willing to bet that by now you’ve started seriously eyeing Internet marketing for small business as a viable addition to your advertising repertoire; you’re starting to realize that this is something worth jumping on.

Let’s face it – Your competitors are doing it, so you should do it too lest you unknowingly give up a foothold in your niche.

Wait Just a Minute – What is Internet Marketing, Exactly?

Before we go any further I think it’s worth taking some time to clarify exactly what we’re referring to when we say ‘Internet Marketing’. If you’ve done any research at all on the topic of small business online marketing, you’ve probably seen a wide array of terms thrown about. It can be very confusing to learn anything at all about Internet marketing with a seemingly endless amount of ideas out there… How are you supposed to know what’s what? Well, below I’d like to briefly go over a few of the most common terms and methods that you should concern yourself with:

#1. Small Business Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Small business search engine optimization refers to getting your business’ virtual property listed on the first page of search engine results (most commonly in Google) for a select group of keyword phrases. Whether it’s a Google Places page, a YouTube video, a Facebook page or even your own website, the goal is to position yourself so that local searchers see YOU before your competition.It sounds complicated, but that’s why we’re here. The results of a successful SEO campaign can be enormous.

#2. Small Business Email Marketing / List Building

Small business email marketing is without a doubt one of the most powerful forms of lead generation out there. Imagine having the power to reach your loyal customers any time day or night with your newest and greatest promotions? Imagine being able to send your customers coupons, newsletters and other interesting content so that you’re constantly in contact with them, remotely building your brand in their mind’s eye? I’m sure with a little imagination you can start to see the possibilities… Email marketing is one of the most viable long-term marketing strategies for small business owners to consider. Your customers aren’t going to stop using email anytime soon, and the ability to stay in frequent contact with a customer even if they’re not visiting your actual place of business is too good to pass up. If you take nothing else away from this article, at least learn more about small business email marketing.

#3. Social Media Marketing for Local Businesses

This is the newest and greatest trend in the world of Internet Marketing for small businesses. Facebook alone has over 800 Million users worldwide, and most users spend a minimum of 6 hours per month on this website. As Facebook grows it’s an increasing amount of time YOU could be using to further your business. Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are going to be some of the greatest marketing mediums of 2012 because they give you the ability to keep up with interested customers on a daily basis through websites that they’re spending lots of time on anyways. Why not take advantage of this opportunity?

#4. Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Direct Marketing

The next time you’re searching for something in Google I want you to pay attention to the right side of the screen. You should notice a few small ads that are separate from the search results. These are actually paid advertisements from Google’s AdWords program, and they’re a crucial aspect of small business online marketing.

The pay per click advertising (PPC) works is a simple 3 step process:
• Write a small ad for your business
• Pick keywords or locales to target
• Pay per click for traffic directly to your business’ website

Pretty easy, right?

This is a great way to start off your Internet marketing campaign because with Pay Per Click you get exactly the results you pay for. Want to give 100 new customers the chance to fall in love with your business? Pay for 100 clicks to your website… Done. I’m sure you can see the value in this kind of cost-per-lead advertising. Through proper lead generation and analytics you can have yourself quite a profitable campaign that runs virtually on autopilot.

And hey, want to really explode your customer base? Why not use PPC advertising to drive targeted traffic to your email newsletter so you can stay in contact with your new potential customers?

Why Internet Marketing for Small Businesses is a Good Investment

What holds back most small business online marketing campaigns that the business owners fail at marketing automation.

We’ve all learned this lesson: When you try to do everything yourself you inevitably fall behind in the areas you’re best at, and don’t get far enough in the areas you’re good at. The result is that your business slows down, and you don’t see as much revenue as you should / could. If time is money, then you can’t afford to spend an increasing amount of time on something that someone else could be doing faster.

That’s why when approaching Internet marketing for small business I recommend enlisting the assistance of a trained professional.

Time and time again we’ve seen a much greater ROI when the business owner focuses on running an outstanding business, while the Internet marketers do what they do best – Capture the interest of potential customers. Whether you decide to pursue small business search engine optimization to bolster the rankings of your website or social media marketing to get the word out through Facebook / Twitter, you can rest assured that you’ll see better results from someone who’s done it before.

Internet marketing for small business doesn’t have to be time consuming, and it’s certainly doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, an Internet Marketing campaign can be relatively cheap when compared with other marketing strategies for small businesses! As a small business owner you’d be giving up a lot if you limited yourself to offline marketing only, so I urge you to consider the techniques and methods outlined in this article. I’m sure you can find an Internet Marketing company or service provider who would be more than willing to help you with these internet marketing services so you can start finding new potential customers on autopilot. What are you waiting for?