The Must Use Marketing Technique for Small Business Owners

Using marketing principles to win business and sales and to grow your company earnings, is a lot less stressful than relying on sales pressure or closing techniques on your potential customers.

I frequently get asked if there was simply one marketing strategy I was permitted to make use, exactly what would it be?

For me it would need to be the official written Sales Letter.

I’m not discussing e-mail, I’m not discussing a web page, I’m discussing something physical that lands on someone’s desk, in an envelope and with which they have to actually handle and review. There’s a number of reasons this is my selection of medium from a marketing viewpoint.

The very first factor is that it has actually been my most effective lead generation strategy as well as that of numerous of my customers and the reason being is that it’s so unforeseen. After all, who composes a letter nowadays?

We send out an e-mail, we send out a text/SMS etc, so simply because it’s different makes it (and you) attract attention from the crowd.

Second of all, the fact you put in more effort than what’s typical develops an immediate connection with your potential client. Simply because they need to open the envelope and engage with the material alters the way you are viewed in their eyes and this is prior to you having actually ever talked with them. Right away you are possibly beginning to develop a relationship which is a crucial feature of creating sales without selling.

So it is really unanticipated, which’s exactly what makes it different. The letter needs to be crafted in a certain way for optimal outcomes, so learning sales copywriting abilities, I believe, is an essential ability every entrepreneur, sales individual or marketing executive ought to have. The other secret is make the letter part of a system, suggesting it’s no sent out in isolation. This will certainly make it much more impactful.

It’s a really flexible technique and can be made use of in a great deal of various methods. It can be utilised in mass mailings to create great tons of brand-new leads into your business or could be something that is done on a more customised basis, possibly to existing consumers to up-sell them on something. These are normally much more lucrative sales letters also. So there’s a great deal of various ways it can support a marketing project, it’s really versatile in the way that it can be utilised, however it always produces impact and distinction.

As I stated, it has to be made use of as part of a small business marketing system for optimal effect, so I would not do it in isolation. You also have to think about exactly what enters into a letter of this kind and think of what call to action you desire, knowing exactly what occurs after the letter lands on the client’s desk and is read by intended target. Plus consider follow-up systems also. Letters are best made use of in a series, carefully informing your customer on an extremely specific offer.

Among the factors of why the majority of my clients like it a lot is that it can remove cold calling. It is a lot simpler to call someone up as opposed to being absolutely cold. To be able to state “I sent you some info recently, or I wrote to you personally and I simply wish to make certain you got the details I sent you and see if you have any concerns”, is a lot easier.

It’s a lot less invasive if you have actually led the way with the letter, however you might get the client stating “No I didn’t see it”. This takes place occasionally or they might state “Yes I have actually got it, however I have not in fact read it yet”, in either case, these are simply chances for you to engage even more.

What commonly takes place is that when you do call a client, they’ll state “you know what, I have actually got your letter right here on my desk, I have actually been intending to call you, I’m glad you called”. I have actually had that happen various times as well as having clients and customers of mine experience that at various times also.

I have also even had actual customers of mine been written to by the leads they have actually written to, yes, their potential customer has written back stating “Thank you for your letter, might you kindly call me with regards to discussing your services and products”.

So it’s extremely effective and for that reason would be my option of marketing strategies if I needed to choose just one.

Leading Small Business Opportunity Laptop Ideas

There is a host of leading small business opportunity ideas that are capable of taking full advantage of laptop technology, combining to give an entrepreneur a clear edge over even much larger competitors.

Many of the best ideas revolve around the fact that a good laptop further enhances the advantage brought about by the World Wide Web where geographical boundaries and great distances are virtually wiped out. This has opened up excellent opportunities for many a small business owner to compete against leading colossal enterprises with deep pockets and virtually unlimited resources and to end up beating them at their own game.

The widely coined term “small is beautiful” has taken on a whole new meaning where small business is concerned as many smart entrepreneurs have grabbed the vast opportunities and doors that have been swung wide open by leading edge state of the art laptop computer technology.

The really exciting thing is that these ideas apply to virtually every small business industry or area that one can care to think of. This allows any smart, ambitious small business entrepreneur to take on a leading role in their respective industry or trade with the help of little else other than a good laptop computer.

What Is Preventing Growth for Small Businesses?

As a small business owner or manager you will be faced with a great number of things to do to grow your business! It is likely that you will neglect some while focusing on others that perhaps you may be more comfortable with performing.

Did you know that more often it is the things that you may not be doing that will have a much greater impact on your business growth than those that you do? What are these? – read on!

  • Understanding your Customer Market
  • Adequate Planning
  • Managing Cash Flow
  • Operating a Marketing and Sales Development Process
  • Targeted Marketing Campaigns and Programs

Understanding your Customer Market

Every business must make a priority effort to truly understand their customers and what drives them to purchase your products or services. Without an ‘intimate’ understanding of your target customers you will be undermining ALL your efforts to grow your business.

Dispose of any shot-gun approaches you may have to marketing and advertising and use your smarts to achieve Better Marketing Results. Get started by developing your own ideal customer profile.

Make sure your ideal customer profile includes a description of the attributes of your target customers and the buying criteria that your ideal customer will use in selecting your product or service. This is a very crucial point, it is not your criteria that you consider important – it is what your potential customers considers important.

Find out what is involved in their buying cycle, what risks if any are perceived in their buying cycle and where your potential customers go to research and engage within their buying cycle.

Adequate Planning

“Businesses that fails to plan, plans to fail” It is a simple truth – you need to know where you are going to get there!

Marketing planning is crucial for small business owners and managers to maximise their company’s ability to succeed in the marketplace. The marketing plan does not have to be a large voluminous document that gathers dusk after it was developed. Be practical and prepare a condensed version of between two to three pages that you can frequently refer to in a highly visible location within your work area. This way your marketing document becomes a useful plan and guide to growing your business.

Marketing planning has several key benefits for your business:

  • Gives real focus that drives ownership and motivation to achieve success
  • It provides a firm foundation to evaluate priorities
  • It defines your market and matches the communications needed for your prospective customers
  • It is a definition of your business success

Managing Cash Flow

Many a small business owner will neglect this critical aspect of managing their cash flow. Small businesses that do not have positive cash flows will encounter significant challenges with insufficient funds to pay creditors severely limiting their business growth potential. Lack of cash flow management in small business is evident in “feast and famine” situations.

You must make cash flow planning a central element of your management priorities. As a business owner you must be able to identify your cash flow status on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis in order to make sound decisions for your business. Keeping your finances in order and your cash flow healthy is essential to growing your business.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. Successful business owners always maintain a firm grasp on their cash flow and are able to describe and predict their cash flow situation for the week, month and year.

Operating a Marketing and Sales Development Process

Better marketing results are qualified potential customers or sales leads for your business. Sales development takes those qualified leads and works to convert them into paying customers.

Unfortunately, many small businesses do not have a structured process or procedure to manage these sales leads into customers. There is nothing more painful for an interested customer to be ignored because of a lack of prompt and professional follow through. All ‘hot’ prospects need your immediate attention before they grow ‘cold’ or purchase from your competitors. It is absolutely essential to formulate a process for follow-up and conversion of your sales leads into customers. For example, you could set-up a defined day of the week for all your sales development activities. For those prospects that are not yet ready to buy you must make them become part of your on-going nurturing engagement marketing until they are ready to buy.

Unlike traditional approaches to marketing where you specifically target prospects with direct response offers, engagement marketing allows your audience and potential customers to interact with you and shape how they would like to communicate with you.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns and Programs

In today’s business environment the customer will control when and how they would like to receive your marketing messages. Your marketing message must be highly relevant and compelling for your target audience. Your message must resonate with the ‘conversation’ that is happening in the minds of your potential customers.

Marketing is business development and must take place for your business to grow! Integrated marketing that makes use of the Internet with your web presence and social media is the approach that small business must implement for your marketing campaigns and programs.

Essentially, an integrated multimedia campaign allows a one to one personalised engagement with the recipient. It has the ability for the recipient to immediately accept the offer or secure additional information with readily available technology such as their mobile phone or access to the Internet.

If any of these issues are holding back on your business growth you must immediately take the appropriate action to remedy your situation. There are many sources of external expert assistance in the form of business consultancy firms like as PMZ Marketing that will be able to assist you overcome these issues.

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Why Using Corporate Marketing Can Kill Your Small Business

So you’ve put your ads in the Yellow Pages and you’ve taken out advertising in the local press. It’s cost you a nice chunk of change.

And yet the phone still isn’t ringing.

There are a lot of good reasons why that could be, but one of the main reasons is getting sucked into the idea that the type of advertising used by big business is the best sort, and perhaps the only sort you should use.

But this is a fallacy, and most of the companies that use the TV ads with their catchy nonsensical jingles and glossy magazine ads with pouting models are successful because they’ve built a brand over decades. In most cases they’re successful even though their advertising is useless, and they could probably stop advertising tomorrow without any effect on their business.

But when you run a small business, you really can’t afford to take chances and wait years for a branding campaign to (hopefully) take effect. Using the glossy big business type of marketing is likely to leave you penniless and holding a one way ticket to a bankruptcy hearing.

The reason is simple: branding type marketing is all about image and, for the people who create it, the overpaid creative types in the big advertising agencies, winning advertising awards. And the marketing executives who work for the big companies get paid whether the marketing brings in any new business or not. If the marketing campaign won an award, it must be good, right?

But as a small business owner you’re in a completely different type of situation. If your marketing doesn’t bring home the bacon, you go hungry. An advertising executive working for a big company doesn’t have to worry about the power bills, the shop rent, the staff costs. The small business owner sees these (often substantial) costs go out of his bank account week-by-week and month-by-month, and he’s the only one responsible for making sure there’s money coming in to cover things.

What The Small Business Owner Needs To Do

The most important thing about marketing is that it can be measured, so you can see right down to the last penny how much it’s costing and how much it’s bringing in return. The way to do this is to forget about “branding” and “image” and use direct response marketing techniques that have been proven to get a response.

Every single part of your marketing, every ad you run or letter you send, should have a strong call to action. And then you should measure exactly how many sales leads a particular ad, sales letter or email brought it, and try to improve on it.

Don’t Trust The Ad Salesmen

The tragedy is that some of the people selling marketing services to small and medium-sized businesses have also swallowed the hype about branding. These people persuade small business owners to run ridiculous campaigns that makes the business look good but often doesn’t bring in a penny in revenue. These types of “marketing consultants” often think they’re doing the right thing, and when the marketing fails they feel blameless. But it’s the small business owner who feels the pain, not the consultant.

The advertising salesman from your local paper is often no better, and neither is the rep from the Yellow Pages. Don’t listen to them and be seduced by a pretty ad that makes you look good. In the end the only thing that matters are sales leads and profits, and to get that you need to use good old-fashioned direct response marketing that uses tested methods for bringing in the sales.